Water treatment

H₂O Genius, the revolutionary system for water treatment in the civil, industrial, agricultural and naval sectors.

H₂O Genius is a solution for treating hard water in an efficient and lasting way, solving the problem of depositing limestone inside the hydrosystem.

H₂O Genius is based on the activation fenomenon, meaning an intense electric charge transmitted through the water, leaving the chemical and organoleptic composition of water unchanged, but changing the physical crystal structure of calcium carbonate from calcite (limestone) into aragonite.

Unlike Calcite, aragonite does not deposit on pipes’ surfaces, but it’s flushed out by the water flow.

In case of existing limestone deposits in the hydrosystem, H₂O genius gradually removes them.

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Why choose H₂O Genius?


H₂O Genius, AWF (Activated Water Flushing) and Genius TRIO are three solutions developed for the treatment of hard water that share the same technology.

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