Who Are We

Our Long experience in the field allows us to develop avant-garde and new technology; for
the treatment of hard waters, for air sanification and new electrical systems in the naval and
industrial fields.

Our technologies are the fruit of constant research and studies on the physical and chemical
characteristics of air and water. Together with a team of biologists, engineers and chemists
we were able to create green and eco sustainable technology, capable of improving the
environment and people’s lives.

Our Values

We are convinced that new technologies can help in reducing the impact on the surrounding
In fact we started with the elements that we depend on the most; water and air.
Therefore after creating electrical systems for industrial and naval usager esearch and
prototypes we focused our attention on air, and, to expand our green philosophy in different

We are careful to consider the environmental problems and we put effort every day to give
life to innovative systems for sustainable development.

Our Story

Teknosistemi was founded by Paolo Mumolo in the mid 90’s . After many years working in the naval sector, dedicated himself to his project and developed innovative devices for ships, boats and yachts. From 2010, Teknosistemi focused its R&D activity on water treatment and developed H2O Genius.

From 2020, Teknosistemi added air purification products to its developed systems.