Geniux Dispenser – Eng

Geniux Dispenser Tech produces disinfectant for environments at risk of bacterial and microbe contamination, and it’s particularly efficient for disinfecting tools, vertical or horizontal surfaces, big or small alike. This can be done either with the nebulizer-atomizer or with a multi-use cloth.

The new model Genius Dispenser Tech Duo functions as a smart dosing pump that takes care of protection for the hydro-sanitary systems from bacteria (antilegionella).

Geniux Dispenser Tech releases demineralized water in a mixing tank, it takes the concentrated sanitized product and certified PMC (Presidio Medico Chirurgico) and it mixes it in a standard proportion. It then prints a report of the mixing done, with information such as: date, time, quantity of liquid used, percentage used and volume of water used. The reports can be used for the control of daily production of disinfectant.

Genius Dispenser Tech is a simple tool, reliable and affordable for the production of sanitizing liquid. It does not only produce hydrogen peroxide, it’s also ideal for the production of sodium hypochlorite done through change of settings. It always reproduces the product in perfect percentages; which makes it effective and helps maintain costs constant.

For security reasons, access to the dispenser is only reserved to authorized people.

The operator panel allows you to control the mixing data, the volume of mix inside the tanks, and levels of concentrated sanitizing liquid.

With Geniux Dispenser you produce disinfecting liquid in the moment of its use, avoiding having to buy and store big quantities of sanitizer(difficult to store).

The system is excellent against Sars-COV-2, responsible for the Covid-19 Pandemic. Infact viruses in question are effectively neutralized through adequate sanitization procedures such as, common disinfectants used in hospitals applied for a certain amount of time, which are composed of; sodium hypochlorite, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide. Genius Dispenser Tech guarantees the production of a sanitizing liquid that is always safe and in the right concentration, capable of reducing the bacterial and viral presence on tools and surfaces.